FIT Participation Messages
Our vision at Perry Christian Church is to partner with families in the spiritual development of their children.  One way the church expresses their commitment to this vision for families is through Family Dedication. I want you to know that there is much more to it than just coming to an event that takes place in a worship service.  As your church we want to tell you some of the really important things that you need to know.  Now this will not be all that you need to know.  We encourage you to read some books, talk to other parents, get involved within ministries of the church and continue to grow as a parent.  These talks are the beginning of that process.

Below are three audio links from Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky—Imagine the End, You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have, and It’s A Partnership.  Each of these talks are 5-10 minutes long. Please listen to, discuss and pray about what is said within each message with the family. What’s so wonderful about these talks is that it does not matter whether I speak about them or another pastor speaks, these messages are timeless and helpful in beginning a journey of spiritual development in the family.

Imagine The End

You Can't Give What You Don't Have

It's A Partnership