Preschool - Forms
There are forms necessary for various reasons within the Preschool/DayCare.

These include: 

  • Parent Handbook
  • Child Medical Statement
  • Child Medication Form
  • School Menu
  • Current Preschool Newsletter
  • Employment Application

These can be downloaded from below.
FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Child Medical Statement.pdf)Child Medical Statement 682 kB
Download this file (Child Medication Form.pdf)Child Medication Form 584 kB
Download this file (Communicable Disease Chart (Ohio).pdf)Communicable Disease Chart - Ohio 89 kB
Download this file (Employment Application.pdf)Employment Application 125 kB
Download this file (November 2019 Menu.pdf)November 2019 Menu 1155 kB
Download this file (Parent Handbook 2019.pdf)Parent Handbook - 2019 293 kB